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2017 Varsity Boys Soccer Season

It’s fun to coach and watch the Boys become leaders. My vision this year after losing seven seniors from last years squad was to do a couple of tournaments early in the season so we could figure out where to improve what we are strong at.

We had a couple of key guys injured early on. It was really a great time although we suffered a few defeats in that first tournament.  Kyle Karowich tore his ACL and was missing the first 2 weeks of the year. Meanwhile the blessing out of something like that is the younger guys have a chance to get some playing time that they might not have done early in the season

The expectations are always to have a successful season, but a big part of these tournaments is to get the guys moulded in as a unit. I feel like we have done that in the past few seasons where we spend time and the guys get a trust for each other, and start to have confidence in other by playing these min 30 minute games.

We have five freshmen this year and four out of five have played middle school with us since 5th grade, so they were four years into the program, and they gave all come off the bench and done a great job. Austin Nye has done well and had a few starts. Justin Lynch and Luke Myers have also come off the bench and done well every game.  Excited to see how the guys develop. Also Jake strunk and Nick Collindres have also contributed as freshman too. We also picked up two players last year that we got back from Canada, Kyle and Kipp Karowich. Those were two previous year newcomers. Kyle is like a point guard on the floor who seizes everything, and gets everyone together. There is great leadership between him and the three captains with Steven Diamond and also Jesse Westera.

Auston Pellegrino has steped up in goal scoring ( 1st tournament we had 5 mini games and only one goal scored)
He has scored 28 since that time
Alex Nye, our keeper has really shown great leadership working with lot of first year starters on Defence

Now going into the playoffs we were 10-2-1 in the reg season and I think the guys need more of an urgency now as you know it’s either win or you’re done. We will play in 2 tournaments, the Conference tournament and the boys have won home field and a 1st round bye by coming in 1st place in the east. So the excitement of enjoying the moment but also the urgency knowing we’ve worked hard for eight weeks and you want them to keep building so they get to their best this time of year. Im excited because the guys have worked hard and practiced and committed to doing that. Go Eagles

Again we struggle in 1st tournament ( 5 mini games and 10 goals allowed ) Since that time we have given up only 15 goals in 13 games

– Pat Lynch, AD, Coach

 All Tournamnent players
Alex Nye
Jesse Westera
Kyle Karowich
Stephen Dymond

All Conference players for regular season
1st team
Jesse Westera
Auston pelligrino
Kyle Karowich

2nd team
Kipp Karowich
Stephen Dymond

Lena Andrews

Mrs. Andrews was born in Greece and has served at GGCA for 10 years. She was a 5th grade teacher from 1997-2002, and has been the art teacher since 2102. She holds several degrees including:  a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and Associates degree in Fashion Illustration, an ESOL certificate, and has taught the Greek language for 22 years. Saved in 1988, she has been walking with God for nearly three decades. She is married to Bob Andrews and has two children, Yianna and Stefanos, who are currently students at GGCA.

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Thomas Schaller

A pastor and missionary for more than 30 years, Pastor Schaller led the establishment of thriving churches and Bible schools in Finland in 1975 and Hungary in 1990. In April 2005, he was named Presiding Elder and Overseeing Pastor of Greater Grace Church in Baltimore, the home base church for Greater Grace World Outreach.

Pastor Schaller’s deep, thought-provoking messages have made him a much-in-demand speaker at conferences throughout the world. He is a man of the Book and maintains a tremendous schedule of preaching and teaching at Greater Grace Church and at Maryland Bible College and Seminary.

Upon his graduation from Northeast School in 1975, Pastor Schaller led a small team to Helsinki, Finland, and showed determination, creativity, and ability in the development of a ministry that now includes eight churches throughout the country. He also imparted a missionary motive that has moved Finns to labor for Christ in 19 countries around the world. The work in Finland, which grew in the face of obvious opposition, proved pivotal to GGWO’s future endeavors in Eastern Europe.

After nearly a decade serving as the Missions Director for GGWO in Massachusetts and Maryland, Pastor Schaller answered God’s call to plant a new work in Budapest, Hungary, a country that sprung open with the fall of communist governments throughout Eastern Europe. He spent 13 years as the pastor in Budapest before returning to Baltimore in 2003. He and his wife, Lisa, reside in Baltimore and are the parents of two daughters, Amy and Bethany, and two sons, Justin and Kyle. They also have six grandchildren.


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Pete Westera

Pastor Pete Westera was born in the Netherlands and introduced to Greater Grace through missionaries in 1977.

He is the owner of foundation repair company called Basement Systems Inc. established in Elkton, Md.,16 years ago.

He began serving as a youth leader for Greater Grace in 2005 and became Youth Director in 2011. He is a 2011 graduate of Maryland Bible College and Seminary. He resides in Fallston, Md., with his wife, Debbie, and two children.


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Jeff McKeon

Pastor McKeon has taught Bible at GGCA since 2012, the year in which received his ordination. Born in Salem, MA, and raised in Lynn, MA, he studied at the Boston Language Institute and received his Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate in 2003 and has done short-term missions work in Haiti. This 2014 graduate of Maryland Bible College and Seminary and his wife, Robin, have two daughters– Emma and Sarah — both of whom are students at GGCA.


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Karelia Powers

Karelia Powers was born in Finland and grew up on the mission field in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Maryland Bible College & Seminary, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Linguistics, with minors in Spanish and Psychology at UMBC.

She joined the GGCA team in 2017, after serving as a teacher’s assistant at the Greater Grace Learning Center, and is currently serving as GGCA’s Office Manager. 

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