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The Arts

GGCA believes that the Arts are an excellent way to glorify God through creative expression by providing opportunities for participation in art, music and drama.

Elementary Christmas musical, high school band concerts, theater and vocal performances along with a fantastic art show are among some of the expressions of the arts which can be found in our school.

music - art - drama


The arts are an important part of a child’s education. They go a long way in helping to develop the foundation of a well-rounded education. GGCA offers creative and enthusiastic art, music, and band programs designed for helping kids find their untapped potential.

music - art - drama


My goal, as the music teacher, is to make sure the students are well prepared for the performances. So we practice hard and do our best to get the most out of each class. That way, when we present the drama, they and their families, are proud of what they’ve done.

music - art - drama


The art of drama and poetry has been an intrinsic part of human culture for over 2500 years. Our drama program is designed to allow students to partake in this rich history. Students are exposed to a variety of areas, encouraged to discover their individual gifts, and develop their appreciation for the arts.

music - art - drama


As an art teacher, I am in awe of God, our Creator, and know that we are His masterpiece. I believe that each student is creative and my mission is to encourage them to tap into their talent and express it through art. Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by art. How dull our lives would be without art!

music - art - drama


Learning to have an ear to hear is both biblical and beneficial to our everyday lives. (Mark 4:9) Though music surrounds our daily experience, as a student of music, developing an ear is essential. Above that essential development and our commitment to excellence, our ultimate goal in music here at GGCA is that students would learn to submit their musical abilities to their Creator.

music - art - drama


At GGCA we believe that the visual arts can be used as an expression of the glory of God for the enjoyment of His people. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities to learn the history and methods used to create beautiful art.

music - art - drama


The Christmas musical is a highly anticipated event in the elementary school. The fifth graders can’t wait to finally get the ‘speaking’ parts and each grade looks forward to ‘their’ song that will highlight that class. It gives them all a chance to own a bit of the production.