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I love my school because...

…it’s home. The people here make you feel comfortable and loved with their smiles. The teachers care about each individual student and the office oversees all of the body to see how they’re doing. When you walk through the halls, everyone is like your brothers and sisters. 

– Colby Dunbar, Grade 10

Pam Buckner

Deciding which school is best for one’s child may not always be easy but it is one of the most important decisions parents have to make. We knew that when our son Christian enters Kindergarten, he will spend most of his day being taught outside our home, in a whole new social setting, with new expectations and rules.

Certainly, we wanted Christian to learn at a school with a strong academic track record. But of at least equal importance was that it’s teachers and administrators have the same ideology as we have. We knew this was going to be a big step in our son’s life, as well as ours. Thankfully, we didn’t have to look far…Greater Grace Christian Academy was the obvious choice for us:
We have been part of the Greater Grace community for many years where we have enjoyed consistent and sound biblical teaching, as well as refreshing and authentic fellowship. Their Learning Center for Preschoolers has set the foundation for Christian learning that we hope both our children will enjoy for many more years to come.

We want our son Christian to grow up feeling loved and valued as a person uniquely created by God. We want him to blossom in Truth, Love, and Grace. We desire a school that partners with us in training our child in the way he should go, equip him to live an honorable life before God and men, to be useful to God, to shine His light, and be a witness to the lost.

We knew Greater Grace Christian Academy was the right choice for us because we see its teachers and administrators live their faith. We see them worship, fellowship, diligently study God’s word, and be faithful stewards with what God has given them. They put great value in strong academics and teach every subject from a biblical worldview.

Now in Kindergarten, Christian eagerly listens to the word of God, is learning to read and write, appreciate music and art, and is playing sports to his heart’s content. He is also learning to be responsible, accountable for his words and actions, and how to resolve conflict with his peers. GGCA has an appropriate teacher to student ratio and their classrooms are-appropriately designed. Christian is learning amidst students from different ethnic groups and different parts of the world who all love God.

We are confident that GGCA, in co-laboring with parents, will continue to raise up generations of humble, effective, and Spirit-filled young men and women who will go out in the world to be ambassadors for Christ. This is our vision for our son, and that is why we chose and promote GGCA.

– Pam Buckner

Ben Morales

Although it feels quite distant now, I can easily revisit my time spent in the halls of GGCA. I was in GGCA from K-5 all the way through 7th grade. I spent the next 2 grades home schooling myself, returning to GGCA for 10th grade. When I stepped on the campus again for my sophomore year I immediately felt cared for. I had been going through a difficult time because my parents had separated a few months prior to that. Every teenager has their difficult times, but I believe in my heart that it is these times that God allows in order to break us. I regret no event in my life, because each one has brought me to Christ. Throughout the next 3 years, moving from sophomore to senior, God would move behind the scenes without me knowing.

When I look at it in retrospect I notice that my time spent at GGCA was only a fraction of the time I would spend in the adult world, yet it was the most crucial time. It was a time when investment was needed and love was necessary if I was to grow at all. That is perhaps the thing I took for granted most of all, how the teachers and principals loved me where I was. It is better to be in a small private school where the teachers love you deeply and to no end than to be in another school where that is not the first priority. They made sure that we knew our education was subordinate to a relationship with Christ. They made sure we knew that life should not be defined by our pursuits, but instead our pursuits should be defined by what life was meant to be.

These men and women had such an impact on my life that only death could remove their memories from my mind. They made my experience unforgettable because they were more than GGCA staff, they were and still are my friends. I’ll never forget how much they genuinely cared for my academic and personal life. They motivated us to be disciplined with academics and sports. This discipline has carried on into my adult life, personal studies, and in college. Coach Pat Lynch taught me never to quit when I got tired. If people quit when they got tired nothing in this world would get done, everything would be half-finished. Lessons like these really equipped me with a mentality you just can’t buy. I’m forever grateful for every minute spent on that campus. Each person there exemplifies the character of God on a daily basis. In a culture where negative and dark influences are everywhere, GGCA shines as an outstanding example of how children should be brought up in a school.

My experience at GGCA has led me to Christ, and it is my prayer that every young heart in the halls of GGCA would find its home in God’s Son. The investment of each pastor, teacher and staff member will ripple across the ocean of eternity. I thank every staff member and pastor for devotion to their job and selfless love imparted to each and every student.