Due to inclement weather and in accordance with Baltimore County Public Schools GGCA will be opening with a 2 hour delay Wednesday 1/17. Normal paid before care begins at 9:30 am school doors open at 10 am, classes begin at 10:15 am. Please drive safely!

Tuition and Fees

GGCA Tuition Rates for 2024-25

GradesPrice per Student
Elementary (1-5)​$7,817
Middle School (6-8)$8,018
High School (9-12)​$8,737

International Students

GradesPrice per Student
  • 1st Child: FULL Price
  • 2nd Child: FULL Price
  • 3rd Child: HALF Price
  • 4th Child: FREE
  • 5th Child and Up: FULL Price

PLEASE NOTE: GGCA will require documentation proving all children have at least one legal guardian in common.


There are only two options: FACTS payments or paying in full. Tuition monies are due in advance, a minimum of 10% a month. No student can enter GGCA without being either paid in full or signed up with a monthly FACTS payment plan that starts no later than July 20th. No one can register who has an outstanding balance with GGCA. New agreements must begin no later than August 5th.

  • Pay in full and receive a 5% discount on tuition.
  • Pay Regular Rate and sign up for FACTS Tuition Management. Pay 10% in 10 Monthly Payments beginning no later than August. (September 5th for new agreements after July 20th)
  • All registrations must be covered by a signed FACTS agreement.
  • Paying in full before September 7th renders the signed FACTS agreement inactive.

FEES are non-refundable and may be subject to change for 2024-25 academic year. 

Mail Fee, if applicable$35if no email address provided
Senior Fee$160includes Graduation and Senior Retreat
Before School Care
(unlimited usage school year)
$285($625 family cap)
Registration for the 2024-25 school yearCurrent Families $150
New Families $225
($450 family cap)
($675 family cap)
Re-enrollment fee for the 2025/26 school year
(can be added to your invoice)
$125($375 family cap)



Greater Grace Christian Academy’s mission is to provide the highest quality Christ-centered education to the families it serves. GGCA understands parents, in some cases, are making great sacrifices in order to enroll their children in a Christian school. Our finance department is ready and willing to work with parents so that, by God’s grace, no one who desires to be in GGCA will be left out. As with any school the balance between the desire to provide education to everyone who wants it and the need to meet the monetary needs of the school’s operation (expenses, teachers’ salaries and overhead) is delicate. The following Terms and Conditions define the commitment each parent is making when registering their child in GGCA. We are prepared, within reason, to work things out so that the continuity of each child’s education is not interrupted, however these Terms and Conditions will be applied.

Tuition price

The tuition price includes the cost of books and a yearbook. Tuition amounts also include curriculum costs; a portion of which may be refunded depending on the outcome of an application to the Maryland State Dept of Education. Any refund due will be administered at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Withdrawal / Expulsion

If Students are withdrawn from school, the only monies that can be refunded are any monies paid beyond the quarter in which the Student(s) are withdrawn. No registration fees are refundable. Prior to the first day of school, any monies paid will be refunded upon withdrawal, except registration fees. Withdrawal only negates the charges beyond the quarter in which the students are withdrawn and the responsible party is liable for any charges unpaid. Expulsion will negate charges beyond the date of expulsion.

Activities Deposit

The activities deposit of $395 is payable up front to cover the possibility that a student(s) will participate in certain extra curricular activities, 5th through 12th grades only. The fees for the various extra-curricular activities are as follows:

 Fall Soccer, VolleyballWinter BasketballSpring Baseball, Soccer
Middle School Boys$190$255$190
Middle School Girls$190$255$190
Beginner Band$235per year – For new band students in 4th – 5th grades. Classes meet at least once a week. Students can learn to play the clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone or flute.
Intermediate Concert Band$235per year – For students with prior band experience. (Grades 5th and up) Classes meet once a week.This band includes clarinets, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, flutes and percussion.
Middle School Choir$185per year – (Grades 6th -8th) Classes meet once a week.
High School A Capella Chorus$185per year – (Grades 9th-12th) This group is the premiere vocal group at GGCA and may meet more than once a week.
Signed permission forms are required for band and choral instruction. The finance office will deduct the fees from your activities deposit, which is billed when you register.