Greater Grace Christian Academy

Raising up the next generation of Christian leaders.

6063 Moravia Park Drive, Baltimore MD 21206 - 410 - 485 - 0700
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Admissions Process

Greater Grace Christian Academy is a church-based private Christian school. Our primary mission is to serve the families of Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. Secondarily we open our doors to the families of our neighboring churches who desire Christian education. Please note that church attendance is a prerequisite for enrollment: Parents or students who cannot document regular church attendance will not be considered candidates for admissions. In general, students who wish to apply for admission must have at least a 'B' average, and any standardized tests scores should all range above-average. Students with any type of learning disabilities are considered on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply

Online applications are temporarily suspended. To apply to GGCA please contact the school at 410-485-0700. Thank you for your patience.